Climate Change : Impact on Life and Research on Himalaya for Posterity

Hirendra Nath Sarma
Email: hirendra.sarma@rgu.ac.in

The Mount Himalaya sitting as the crown of Indian subcontinent could be world's one of the most important land for study which remains to be understood and discovered a lot. The Indian Himalaya studded with human habitation ranging from Western Kashmir valley to the eastern Tip of Nagaland of North east India is rich in natural resources, floral and faunal population since yore. The greatness and rich resources of Mount Himalaya have been elaborately written in ancient Indian Literature in various dimensions. Understanding of this precious wealth, its use for mankind, conservation and sustainable use needs a thoughtful and continuous research on Himalayan ecosystem, its resources and utilization for welfare of world civilization. In recent time natural disasters and calamities in part of Himalayan zone created concern among the Government Policy makers, Non Governmental Organizations and Scientific community. An integrated approach of research in Engineering, Technology and Basic Science could bring answer for the conservation of Himalayan ecosystem that is the need of the hour of today's civilization. With increasing population, need of land as well as other domestic requirements has been increased obviously among the common people. Nature has given sufficient matter for their need. Justified and wise use of these resources is must for posterity. When, many communities across the world suffer from lack of potable drinking water, mount Himalaya has given these resources more than enough for us.

Government of India has given special attention for development of non conventional energy sources like, wind energy and solar energy for nation development. In such initiative, hydropower river dams in loose soils could be ether less prioritized or avoided. Carrying capacity of the ecosystem must be analyzed and need to be implemented accordingly.

The natural disasters like excessive flood, rain fall, cloud bust causing land slide has lead to suffering of common people. It is believed; such suffering could be either neutralized or minimized with a plan approach of infrastructure development, human settlement, development of agricultural land and practice as well as other ecofriendly measures. In India, Mount Himalaya is attached with the life of entire subcontinent. Monsoon, rainfall, temperature; over and above the deep root of Indian philosophy of life has been originated here. The great Indian saints have explained the Himalayan resources in different forms. Passing thousands of years, the modern research needs a different look to this Mountain range creating a base level database for future planning and posterity.

Hirendra Nath Sarma
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